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ECL Fred Rao, the founder of eChineselearning (ECL), which offers one-on-one Mandarin instruction through Skype, predicts...     November 18, 2010  Entire article

Becky Wang, a senior Chinese teacher from (a premier online Mandarin Chinese school) said: "Interest is crucial to language learning. If you have passion to learn, difficulties can be overcome.      November 25, 2009 Entire article

ECL Kristy Lee, an undergraduate foreign student from New York, began preparing for the HSK examination after she had received a Chinese government scholarship to study in China. She said: "I chose HSK test-prep lessons at, because I want to take the HSK test in April next year.     October 12, 2009  Entire article

The article "Kobe Bryant: Is mandarin Chinese a skill for Chinese market?" reports that eChineselearning is a premier online mandarin Chinese school. Many employees from companies like Motorola, IBM, and Nike have taken the Chinese courses from eChineselearning (ECL).     August 5, 2009  Entire article

ECL eChineselearning (ECL), one of the world's leading online Chinese language schools specializing in 1-on-1 live video instruction and supplementary education programs, announced an alliance with in Beijing, China. The central product of this alliance is an innovative and ground breaking internet channel. This collaborative channel features services and content directed at assisting Mandarin Chinese language learners with their Mandarin studies.   October 13, 2008     Entire article

 "Called eChineselearning (ECL), this system uses a one-on-one live instruction approach. Each student has a personal teacher, on camera, conversing directly — even if they are separated by vast geographic distances. The student can hear the teacher's correct pronunciation, and see what the teacher writes on the board. When the student imitates the sounds, the teacher can correct their pronunciation. The student also can show the teacher his or her own written work on camera, and get immediate response."     October 5, 2008      Entire article
ECL "eChineselearning (ECL) is really an excellent program that has no parallels," wrote one student in an evaluation of the program. "Having the ability to talk live with an instructor in Beijing is truly an awesome experience. Communication over the Internet is similar to the phone in sound quality, and while I had some initial complaints and reservations, I realized that it actually helped me to understand Chinese better."    September 10, 2008      Entire article
 eChineselearning (ECL) was not only easy-to-use and as intimate as the tutor I saw face-to-face for $40 an hour, the teacher used technology to make learning even more efficient.    January, 2008      Entire article
ECL China is one of the fastest growing economies of the World and people across the glob wish to start business in China.    March 8, 2008      Click to listen        Entire article
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