ECL eChineselearning (ECL) featured on China Radio International's "Voices from Other Lands" recently.    January 31, 2008      Click to listen       Entire article

 SAN FRANCISCO — Teachers in Beijing are teaching Chinese to students in the United States and 41 other countries through the Internet language school eChineselearning (ECL).     January 29, 2008      Entire article
ECL Born in Beijing, Fred Rao, founder and CEO of eChineselearning (ECL), speaks passionately about his teaching adventure and mission: to cover every corner of the world with the Chinese language.    January 7, 2008      Entire article

SAN FRANCISCO – Chinese language teachers in Beijing don’t need to apply for work visas to teach in the United States anymore. From an office in west Beijing they can teach their mother tongue through the Internet language school eChineselearning (ECL) to Americans and students in 41 other countries.     January 6, 2008

 -- Jun Wang: High-Tech Delivers Chinese Teachers to the World Entire article     Entire article

ECL The one-on-one teaching model enables students to schedule lessons and choose course content themselves.     December 28, 2007

 -- Teacher outreach by the means of Internet     Entire article

Since starting the operation last December, the website has signed up more than 400 overseas students ranging in age from four to 74 living in 42 countries. New student enrollment is growing at a two-digit rate month-on-month.     December 24, 2007

-- Live online classes cash in on Chinese-language learning     Entire article

ECL "Using the company's self-developed teaching software, along with writing tablets and telephony like Skype, students in far away places can listen, talk to and see teachers, as well as the blackboards behind them. The one-on-one teaching model enables students to schedule lessons and choose course content themselves." December 24, 2007

-- On-line learning tools revisited netspeak     Entire article

Founder and CEO Rao operates, China's largest video-based online Chinese tutoring website.     December 24, 2007

-- By CHEN JIALU: Teacher outreach     Entire article

ECL Learning Chinese is IN...     October 31, 2007    Entire article

So far, eChineselearning (ECL) has enrolled about 300 students from 25 countries. Most come from the United States, but other students come from as far way as Venezuela and Latvia. Students' ages range from as young as 4 to more than 60.     August 31, 2007    Entire article

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